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  • What are they made of?
Bricks may be made from clay, shale, soft slate, calcium silicate, concrete, or shaped from quarried stone.

  • What are they used for?
Most of them are used in massonery construccion. They can serve like a structural function, a decorative function, or a combination of both

  • How many types of brick are there?
There are nine differents types of brick: Brick masonry, building brick, face brick, clinker brick, pressed brick, glazed brick, fire brick, core brick, european brick and sand-lime brick.

  • What is the meaning of brick laying techniques?
It is a technique used to created a stuctural bonds between bricks. Sometimes mortar is used too like a completion.

  • Describe 2 brick laying techniques:

Running: In this technique brick are layed overlapping a brick over anotherone to created a structural bond. To the adhesion os the bricks is used mortar.

Common or American: Is a varitiaon of the Running way just that in this case is used a regular interval of full-length headers to created the structural support.
  • What are their advantages and disadvantages?

Advantages: The brick is cheap, easy to transport, very easy to laid and it has weather resisting qualities. Some bricks, such as the red ones spotted on certain houses, are considered pretty.

Disadvantages: The brick and the structural supports that it creates is important, but today exist many other materials that provides a major support. Bricks are prone to "bleeding" this is when all the moisture in the brick hasn't quite dried out yet and so it runs down the wall, looking a bit like blood.

Savannah, Georgia


  • Description
The place that I choose is a boulevard in Georgia, it is a park surrounded by urbanizations and it works like a whole set build with bricks. The use of the brick in this set of building is to create a pattern that reflects the history of the country and the architecture it self. The brick here makes you remember the course that the construccion of the place took since the begining, works like a reminder of a past of europe and architecture. Nowadays the ancient look combine with the modern technology use in the interior.
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What construction material would you use to build your own house? Why?

To build my house I would use a combination of brick , stone, Iron and steel to obtain the mayor capacities of all elements no just for their structural force, also for their ease to handle and beauty.

The use of bricks in Urban Planning

The brick has been an essential part of the cities development through the years. It has been use since the Greek empire, which is, the beginning of the cities.


The masonry techniques have obtained a great development in the use of bricks and types of its, also is the way that they are laid.
Later the use of bricks was know in the entire world, and the creation of all kind of building employing bricks begun. Many techniques and materials were combine to create different examples, taken advantages of the properties of bricks. Unfortunately the creation of other materials limited the use of brick.