Of all the materials that we have see in the previous pages we can note similar characteristics, like their origins from earth and nature, similar histories that began more that 4.000 years ago, and of course the importance that all they have in architecture. Some of them we can use in their natural state, like stone in the case of Petra, but other need to experiment a process, for example the metals like iron, steel, concrete or bricks. Other type of material is the wood, that needs to cut to be use, but it is a more simple process. All these materials allow the architect, engineer or designer to create a solid, functional and beautiful structure capable of realize the primordial objectives of a building.
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Some of them like stone, concrete, bricks or wood are used massively since their discover but others, like cast iron, have been replaced by materials such as steel. It is because of their characteristics; cast iron is too expensive and to complicated to worth with, in the other hand steel became less expensive and it has better characteristics.