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Where is Petra located?
Petra is located in Jordan

Who were its inhabitants?

Its people were the Nabataeans

  • What is/are its characteristics? (name as many as you can)
Petra was carved from the stone, they created monumental tombs, memorializing their kings and leaders, they were one of the most civilized peoples of antiquity, the y also use engineering and artistry.

  • How important were tombs in Petra? What did they mean?
Tombs were really important because it entrance was create that way to honor those laid to rest inside, also as a part of their culture as riches the family bigger and elaborated was their entrance.

  • How did this city become an urban center?
Petra became a urban center by the end of the first century BC, but it began as gathering site for Nabataeans traders, and the commercial traffic of its streets to provide incense, spice and perfume along the two major caravan routes increased until the mid-first century AC, to keep up with the growing demand for luxury.
  • How was this city organized/planned?
Petra stood at a crossroad of the ancient Near East with its typical settlements, It was growing along the river with its streets around it. Later was created a road to use vehicules to transport limestone. In 106 AC the Roman planners give to the city a new direcction an try to impose an urban grid on this settlement, also the Romas created one single road along the central marketplace.