Extracted from welcome video of Jhon Accordino to VCU
students of Urban and Regional Planning program.

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* Why, according to John Accordino, VCU is the right place to start a graduate program in urban planning?

VCU graduates have vision of a good community. A city where citizens care about, and are involved in public life. Also VCU offers interaction with planning in the United States
and around the world. VCU has no doubts about its students getting jobs by the time they graduate.

*What are the advantages for studying a master's program in this university?

Employment opportunities for VCU graduates in a variety of fields, interaction with planning in the United States and around the world.

*What advantages does the city of Richmond represent to those students who decide to study at VCU?

Richmond is an ideal place in which to learn the sustainable development planning. Richmond is a beautiful city with rich traditions and exquisite architecture.
It is also a modern metropolis and it has a growing economy and high quality of life, but it also faces many challenges, such as poverty, political fragmentation
and threats to the environment. Surrounding Richmond are many charming, historic towns that now have problems with global economy.

*What are the different programs offered at VCU?

Master of Urban and Regional Planning program
Certificates in Urban Revitalization
Historic Preservation Planning
Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
All their plans are certificated by the APA(American Planning Association).